Who is Sarah and what is her purpose?

Welcome to my corner of the web. To those of you that are new, and to those of you that have been hanging out with me for awhile. I’m Sarah, I love rock music, swearing, nature, travel and plantbased food. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand, with my partner, Dan and our son, Dylan.

I am a Mindset and Mindfulness Motivational speaker and Mentor. I help first-time Mums optimize their mental health, so they can navigate Motherhood with confidence and clarity.

I use Mindset work, mindfulness, teach you how to embrace and be YOUR authentic self, how to manage and reduce your stress, and guide you to understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions, so you can have the tools you need to take care of your mental health in a way that is authentic to you and your family. From a Mum, to a Mum. I understand.

I do this through my writing on my blog, Instagram and Facebook. In-person workshops, events and coffee groups and on-line lives and webinars. I also do private 1-1 mentoring.

I am a first-time Mum to Dylan who is now 7 months old. I realised as I navigated these new waters of being a Mum, my mindfulness practices needed to shift to work with my new life. My stress management needed to up-level, the mental and emotional support I needed was different, my mindsets needed upgrading, my authenticity in who I am had changed and I needed to shift how I was looking after myself and now, my little one.

Being a Mother for the first time is HARD, there is a lack of mental and emotional support. There is often only information out there for the extremes of – everything is rosy or everything is fucked. I speak to those Mums in the middle. Those Mums who might have lost themselves a little in this new journey, those Mums who struggle sometimes, but might feel like they should just handle it, because it’s not bad enough to seek support, right? The truth is, we ALL need support, we ALL struggle sometimes. Being a Mother creates a whole nother level of self-care, of looking after our mental health. I am here to support you, to guide you to come home to this new you, this new life, and to empower you to take care of your mental health, so you are filling up YOUR cup, as well as being able to be the best Mum possible to your little one. You will also be able to communicate with your partner and have a thriving relationship.

My little WHY, eating lettuce haha

I do this work because I see a huge gap in the mental health system, you’re either ok or your off the rails. What about the in-between? What about the majority of society who sometimes struggle with the ups and downs of life, but feel they must “harden up” and get on with it, because everyone else seems to be managing (fun fact, their not!). We are made to feel like we shouldn’t speak up, we shouldn’t ask for support, we shouldn’t be vulnerable and share how we feel. So we end up burying our feelings, masking our thoughts and feelings with alcohol, food. There needs to a a shift, and I am here to help facilitate that.

I want you to feel equipped to handle whatever life, and motherhood throws at you, I want you to have the tools to manage stress and overwhelm, I want you to be in-tune with your thoughts, feelings and emotions, so they do not have negative power of you. YOU are in control of what you believe. I want you to have the confidence to help yourself or reach out for any support you need. I want you to be 100% confident in who you are as a individual and as a Mum, and be your authentic self, always. I want you to have the tools and confidence to upgrade any mindsets that aren’t working for you. I want you to have the tools and knowledge to use mindfulness, so you can get moments of “you time”, so you can fill up your cup, and be the best version of you. I want you to never be afraid to share how you feel. I want you to never be afraid to be YOU.

I want optimal mental health so I can be my true, authentic self, and empower my son to grow up and be who HE wants to be. Unafraid of sharing how he feels and asking for support. Knowing how to optimise his mental health and inject mindfulness into his life. Unashamed to be his authentic self.

I want that for me, for my son and for YOU.

So, reach out, tell me, who are YOU? HOW are you? Do you need support?

Sarah x

4 thoughts on “Who is Sarah and what is her purpose?

  1. “you’re either ok or your off the rails” – Wow, isn’t that the truth?!
    Congratulations on your little boy. 🙂 It’s great what you’re doing for yourself and other new moms. Keep up the great work! ❤


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