We Are One

As you gaze up at me, you pause for a moment and you break into a little smile, your eyes are pure love, adoration and trust. In that moment, I knew. I knew that you chose me. I knew I was meant to be your Mother. I knew I would always be enough for you. … Continue reading We Are One

Are you Ready?

I can't tell you what will work for you. I can't change your mind for you. I can't make you love your body. I don't know what you should do. I can't face your traumas for you. I can't force you to understand I can't make you do the work. I can't do it for … Continue reading Are you Ready?

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry I didn't know what you needed. I'm sorry I got frustrated when you were unsettled. I'm sorry I didn't want you to fall asleep on me. I'm sorry I mis-read your needs. I'm sorry I wanted you to go to sleep, so I could too. I'm sorry I got annoyed because you wouldn't … Continue reading I’m Sorry

Are You A Victim?

Are you a victim? Are you constantly feeling hard done by? Like everything happens TO you. Like you can't catch a break. Like the world is out to get you.  Like everyone else is lucky, but you're bad luck city. Feeling down. Frustrated.  Unhappy. I was there once.  It wasn't a fun place to be.  … Continue reading Are You A Victim?

I want to feel GOOD

Life is about joy. Feeling good. Life is for living and finding joy in each moment. That can be hard to achieve in our society. Constant highlight reels thrown in our face, comparison, subliminal messages that we arent good enough as we are, and we will be amazing if only we do x/y/z. Apparent overnight … Continue reading I want to feel GOOD

Who is Sarah and what is her purpose?

Welcome to my corner of the web. To those of you that are new, and to those of you that have been hanging out with me for awhile. I'm Sarah, I love rock music, swearing, nature, travel and plantbased food. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand, with my partner, Dan and our son, Dylan. I … Continue reading Who is Sarah and what is her purpose?


I want real, honest connections. Authentic. Nothing is forced, I can be myself. I can open wide and spill my guts and feel supported. I'm not judged or put down. Nothing is a competition, it's supportive, nurturing. Nothing is forced. It's genuine. It feels right. There are no expectations. In a world full of noise, … Continue reading Connection

What’s it REALLY like being a new Mum?

In a nut-shell, it's a never ending rollercoaster of ups and downs, where you can't see where it's going to turn next. It's emotional. It's incredible. It's HARD. It forces you to constantly up-level, to find new ways to be patient, to communicate, to handle stress and anxiety. It's filled with so much love, your … Continue reading What’s it REALLY like being a new Mum?

Fuck Perfection

Why do we focus so much on other's opinions? Why do we care so much about things appearing "perfect"? It's fucking draining. I wanted a space to write. To express myself, and I am finding myself getting frustrated, annoyed, caught up in this site looking "perfect". Why? Because I have NO FUCKING CLUE how to … Continue reading Fuck Perfection

The Beginning

I find writing cathartic. I need to get my thoughts, feelings and emotions flowing, through me, out of my physical body. If I keep them all inside, I begin to feel heavy, anxious, tense. Lucky for you, you get to hear me spill my thoughts and feelings onto these pages. You might resonate. You might … Continue reading The Beginning